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Solutions Engineering Intern--Big Data Analytics


百事公司的数据科学分析团队现招收2019 Solutions Engineering team暑期实习生合作解决各种数据科学和分析问题。,Solutions Engineering team由数据科学家、软件工程师、技术专家和财富50强CPG的商业创新者组成。The ideal applicant will thrive in an environment with broad access to thought leaders but little direct oversight on day to day basis, and where the successful path to a solution often requires exploration and curiosity to find. 

成功的候选人将通过各种途径(social media listening, attribute tagging, scraped image recognition)来设计、开发和采集数据,并在全职工程师的监督下工作,将收集到的数据转化为有意义的见解。

工作地点可选: San Francisco, CA ;New York, NY


- Create Statistical and/or Machine Learning based models to generate insights from billions of datapoints

- Identify potential paid & public sources of data and assess their value to the team's projects

- Write systems to acquire & format external data sources for use in analytics projects

- Collaborate with non-technical stakeholders to ideate, prioritize and report on data sources and analyses

- Present approach and findings to technical & non-technical audiences across the company.

Minimum Qualifications:

- Strong background in Statistics/Machine Learning

- Rock-Solid Python Skills

- Undergraduate Degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or Mathematics and graduate within one (1) year of internship completion

- Experience with MPP databases (Redshift, Snowflake, etc.) is a plus

- Experience/familiarity with querying languages such as SQL, PostgresSQL, MSSQL, or MySQL

- Embodies entrepreneurial mindset and key values of having a bias for action, results-oriented, community-focused, and prioritization of people



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