【HR直推】哈斯自动化招聘Mechanical Engineer In Training

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Mechanical Engineer In Training

Haas Automation, Inc.    Oxnard, CA

哈斯自动化是全球第二大数控机床制造商,CNC车床总销量居世界第二位。Mechanical Engineer In Training (MET)是一个开放给工程学位毕业生的学习职位。MET将在经验丰富的工程师或主管的监督下执行机械任务和产品的更新与分析。

The MET may modify existing or develop new designs, parts or assemblies but does so in limited, defined areas of research and development, prototyping, and drafting. The MET is expected to follow instructions, and pay close attention to the requests of more senior engineers.

Mechanical Engineer in Training designs parts and assemblies based on the concepts and ideas of others. The Mechanical Engineer in Training may work in one or many areas of product development and is expected to follow through on tasks from initial design to implementation. The MET job may include assignments involving part design, creating supporting product documentation and information, tracking and resolving sourcing issues, assembling prototypes, resolving production issues, responding to service and quality issues, product use and testing, component qualifying and coordinating activities with other departments.

Mechanical Engineer in Training (MET) will be assessed at regular intervals to highlight and focus on status of work skills and performance.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

- Listen carefully and follow directions. Work effectively from both verbal and written instructions.

- Exhibit common sense and mechanical aptitude, and adhere to company safety standards.

- Work safely with common shop tools, such as drill presses, grinders, and hand tools.

- Disassemble and assemble simple mechanical devices and assemblies.

- Work from verbal and written instructions in performing simple mechanical tasks.

- Read blueprints, file and distribute drawings, and with supervision, make limited CAD drawing revisions.

- Fabricate prototype parts from verbal or written instruction, and manually build prototypes of other's design.

- Research on-line supply sources, industrial catalogs and trade magazines, and with approval, order parts as assigned by a more advanced engineer.

- Properly use company computer peripherals, including printers, plotters, fax machines, and copiers.

- Design parts and assemblies, as directed by others.

- Design parts for ease of manufacture based on company guidelines and capabilities.

- Design parts for ease of assembly using company tooling standards and methods.

- Analyze and effectively resolve manufacturing and assembly problems.

- Analyze and effectively resolve manufacturing and assembly related problems.

- Create complete cad models and assemblies, detail drawings, using company modeling and drafting standards and conventions.

- Compile and generate complete parts lists and bills of materials for new products.

- Analyze engineering change requests and using proper judgment, can create and fully implement engineering change orders.

- Proficiently utilize all engineering department related software, including CAD programs, word processors, spreadsheets, MRB programs, and scheduling software.

- Proficiently program, fixture, setup and use CNC products to; create and modify parts and prototypes, perform basic and automated machine testing, extract test date from machines and demonstrate machine usability or limitations.

- Define and communicate product-related information to other functional groups and departments, including but not limited to:

Product specifications

Product release and shipment date information

Service related bulletins

- Source and assess new vendors. Evaluate vendor capacity, quality, and policy as related to the needs of the company. Communicate effectively with vendors, and can resolve delivery and quality issues before or as they arise.

- Procure parts for prototype and production both through the company purchasing department, and through own channels. Maintain records, and properly process paperwork using company standards.



University bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and/or related discipline or field of study.



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