【HR直推】ION Group初级数据分析师

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Junior Research Associate - Institutional Analytics

ION- New York City, NY, US

金融科技公司ION group数据分析团队现开放两名初级数据分析岗位,ION为E-Verify公司,欢迎应届毕业留学生申请。


The IA Research team provides research, data entry and client support on Institutional Investor information, from firm backgrounds, to investor contact details, and fund information. This information is then used in various systems throughout Dealogic to provide additional value to our clients.


You will obtain detailed data from both public sources (internet, investor/bank contacts, newspapers, etc.) and from phone calls to institutional investors and utilizing appropriate sources for data gathering and verification. It requires an eye for detail, imaginative use of the internet, and an ability to interact professionally and effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

About You

You recently graduated from your Bachelor's Degree, you have a passion for accurate and timely research and you display a strong interest in financial markets. You are an enthusiastic team member with a systematic, creative and open approach to data gathering and data management.



- Bachelor's degree

- Degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration (desirable)


- Excellent standard of spoken and written English

Practical Experience & Skills

- Fresh graduate or with some internship/practical relevant experience in a research related role

- Comfortable working in a team environment

- Understanding of financial markets

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

- Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize where necessary

- Ability to contribute to meetings effectively

- Character

- Strong work ethic

- Keen to learn with an inquisitive nature

- Proven analytical skills with the ability to interpret data, ensuring its quality and relevance

- High degree of accuracy and attention to detail

- Ability to work well under pressure

- Strong interest in financial markets with an eagerness to pro-actively acquire knowledge

- Proactive in the approach to completing assigned tasks

- Proven ability to work on own initiative and generating new ideas for additional projects

- Capable of working independently with minimal supervision



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